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Top 10 Places to Eat While High in Portland

Top 10 Places to Eat While High in Portland

Portland proudly marches to its own beat, and that independent attitude continues when it comes to the Rose City’s cuisine. Oregon’s largest city and cultural capital values local gems you won’t find anywhere else, which has led to a diverse, thriving food scene.

When you think of food in Portland, you might think of food trucks – and with good reason, there’s over 600 in the city. But there’s also plenty of excellent stationary options to satisfy all cravings, and ambiances perfectly suited for an elevated state of mind. This list doesn’t do Portland justice; there’s so many good restaurants there, but consider this is a starting point when you’re looking for the Best Places to Eat While High in Portland.

10. Grilled Cheese Grill

Grilled Cheese Grill
Source: Portland Mercury

When you think of Portland, you think of something like the Grilled Cheese Grill, which is pretty much begging to be visited while high. They make gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches that range from the standard to the extraordinary – behold the Cheesus, a cheeseburger with two grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns.

9. King Burrito

King Burrito
Source: Guilty Carnivore

Hole-in-the-wall King Burrito is the Mexican food spot in North Portland. It’s dirt cheap ($1.25 for most tacos; huge burritos under 4 bucks) and, most importantly, delicious. The restaurant itself is super no-frills, but don’t let that fool you – many an LA transplant considers King Burrito to be the only authentic Mexican food in Rose City that can rival the stuff in SoCal.

8. Pho An Sandy

Pho An Sandy
Source: Pho An Sandy

Pho is a West Coast staple and Portland isn’t lacking for its restaurants serving the Vietnamese noodle soup. Everyone’s got their favorite, but Pho An Sandy usually pops up on the short list for best pho in the Rose City. What sets Pho An apart, though, is the back of the menu; don’t skip out on their rice dishes, such as the Banh hoi dac biet, a kind of Vietnamese everything-but-the-kitchen-sink.

7. Screen Door

Screen Door
Source: Urbanspoon

Like in other metropolitans, brunch is a weekend ritual in Portland, and the brunch you want is at southern-inspired Screen Door. And what you want are the chicken and waffles, boasting three of the best fried chicken breasts you’ve ever tasted anywhere in the world. And though you can easily split this meal with 1-2 other people, you probably want this for yourself, so that worst case scenario you’ve got amazing leftovers for the rest of the day.

6. Dub’s St. Johns

Dub’s St. Johns
Source: Dub’s St. Johns’ Facebook page

Screen Door a little too hoity-toity for you? Here’s the remedy: a soul-food counter run out of a dive bar by a rapper who’s down with medicinal. Dub’s St. Johns has you covered for your chicken and waffles, your fried chicken dinner, your brisket, your wings, and your ribs. And if you don’t feel like swinging by the Ranger Tavern, they deliver now too.

5. ¿Por Qué No? Taqueria

¿Por Qué No? Taqueria
Source: ¿Por Qué No?’s Facebook page

¿Por Qué No?’s offbeat taquerias (both in cool neighborhoods – on Mississippi and Hawthorne) are colorful, fun stops with excellent food. The food is locally sourced as much as possible using only line caught seafood, but prices are still reasonable, especially at happy hour (get the borracho horchata if you’re there for HH). The decor is worth the trip, with tons of recycled kitsch artfully strewn about. If you’re there on a sunny day spend an afternoon on the patio.

4. Grant’s Philly Cheesesteaks

Grant’s Philly Cheesesteaks
Source: Grant’s Facebook page

You wouldn’t think of Portland as a place to get a nationally-recognized cheesesteak, but this city is always full of surprises. Grant’s is a long-time local favorite and one of the best Phillies you’ll ever have, period. The Grant’s Original is a messy masterpiece. The rolls and pickled peppers are shipped cross-country from Philadelphia. Go for real provolone over Cheez Whiz and add grilled mushrooms.

3. Apizza Scholls

Apizza Scholls
Source: Apizza Scholls’ Facebook page

Ask any Portlander where the best pizza is in the City of Roses, and 9 times out of 10 they’ll tell you to check out Apizza Scholls (and that other 1 is probably new to town). Their huge East Coast-style pizzas draw ridiculous lines, so either come early, order takeout (to-go orders are limited to certain days of the week; check ahead) or wait it out playing classic arcade games like Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man in the arcade room.

2. Decide the Doughnut Wars for Yourself

Decide the Doughnut Wars for Yourself
Source: Voodoo Doughnut’s Facebook page

A battle is a’brewin’ in Portlandia. In this corner: Voodoo Doughnut, the iconic proprietor of Cap’N Crunch donuts, the maple and bacon special, and naughty pastries that make unknowing tourists blush. The challenger: Blue Star Donuts, “donuts for grown-ups” made from a classic French brioche recipe and with fancy-sounding concoctions such as creme brulee and blueberry bourbon basil. You must judge for yourself which doughnut is king of Rose City.

1. Alder Street Food Cart Pod

Alder Street Food Cart Pod
Source: Travel Portland

This feels like cheating, and it totally is, but whatever – the best place to eat while high in Portland is a place that has over 40 places to eat. The Alder Street food cart pod is downtown and spans an entire city block. Every kind of food you can think of is represented, and then some you didn’t know you wanted, with trucks open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night. Take a lap around the block to see all your options, and realize that a line is usually a good sign. Some food trucks have sidewalk seating, or take your meal to nearby Director Park for an urban picnic.