Top 10 Things to Do While High in Denver

Top 10 Things to Do While High in Denver

Denver is an increasingly popular city to visit, as the Mile High City has seen a record number of travelers in recent years. The capital of Colorado is a regional hub at the base of the Rocky Mountains, with ample opportunity for outdoors activities of all kinds year round, and has a thriving entertainment and arts scene.

Oh yeah – Colorado legalized marijuana, and Denver is now the marijuana tourism capital of the United States. The city has embraced the legal cannabis industry and is very 420 friendly. Though maybe not explicitly welcoming to cannabis users, all of the following activities are some of the best Denver has to offer, and that’s why they’re the Top 10 Things to Do While High in Denver.

10. Spend an Afternoon in Commons Park

Spend an Afternoon in Commons Park
Source: Project for Public Spaces

Located downtown on a revitalized industrial site, Commons Park is gorgeous in the sun or the snow. The park has fantastic views of downtown skyscrapers and is right off the Platte River. Bring a book or a frisbee in warm weather, or borrow a sled in the winter.

9. Visit SPACE Gallery

Visit SPACE Gallery
Source: SPACE Gallery’s Facebook page

Denver is an arts town, and SPACE Gallery is one of the coolest art spots the Mile High City has to offer. Located in the Santa Fe Art District (more on that below), SPACE features abstract artwork from artists working in a fascinating variety of media and textures. Silagra

8. Admire Street Art in the Santa Fe District

Admire Street Art in the Santa Fe District
Source: 303 Magazine

In Denver, you don’t have to go into a gallery or museum to admire art, and nowhere is that more true than in the Art District on Santa Fe, where the street art is abundant and impressive. Many building owners encourage street artists to make use of their walls as canvases, and some homeowners have gotten in the spirit as well. Even better: there’s several recreational marijuana stores and dispensaries on Santa Fe or right off it, so check out the street art as you’re shop-hopping.

7. See Something Different at 3 Kings Tavern

See Something Different at 3 Kings Tavern
Source: 3 Kings Tavern’s Facebook page

3 Kings Tavern bills itself as “serving booze, bands, and buddies 365 days a year,” and though the venue does have a solid lineup of shows, it’s the other performances it showcases that are noteworthy. Every week 3 Kings hosts a burlesque show, “Panties at the Bar,” and holds regular comedy nights. They’ve even set up a ring and had pro wrestling in the bar. Check the schedule to see what events are on tap.

6. Watch the Shredders at Denver Skate Park

Watch the Shredders at Denver Skate Park

For everyone who grew up wishing they had a place to skate, with real bowls and ramps and no security guards kicking them out, here is your dream manifest. Denver Skatepark is a free, city-run, public skatepark with over 60,000 feet of skateable terrain. Bring your board, bike, or blades, or just enjoy the skills of the many Coloradans taking advantage of this envious park.

5. Find Public Art Around the City

Wander Around the Arboretum

Have we mentioned that there’s a lot of art to see in Denver? Some of the best is outside, around town, as part of the city’s renowned public arts program. There’s more than 60 sculptures, murals, and statues on the streets, such as the famous Big Blue Bear at the Convention Center (pictured above) and the Big Sweep, a massive broom sweeping garbage into a dustpan. Take a walking tour to see the best – and more likely than not, you’ll run into a few recreational stores on the way.

4. Embrace the Colorado Winter

Embrace the Colorado Winter

Winter is high tourism season in Denver, and many travelers end up in the Mile High City then – but oftentimes, on their way to ski resorts like Aspen or Vail. Denver in the winter should not be missed, though, as there’s still a lot to do in the city. Go ice skating at Skyline Park (for free or $2 skate rental!), celebrate the chilly season at Mile High SnowFest, and down a cold one in the cold during the Winter Brew Fest.

3. Dress Up and Bike with Denver Cruiser Rides

Dress Up and Bike with Denver Cruiser Rides
Source: 303 Magazine

Beginning in May, every “Wednesday is for bikes” as packs of revelous bike riders take to the streets. Denver Cruiser Rides organizes these themed bike rides, so riders are encouraged to dress up. Cruiser Rides are quite the event, so check out where the rides leave on their website to join in.

2. Catch a Show at Red Rocks

Catch a Show at Red Rocks
Source: Wikipedia

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is routinely named one of the best places to catch a concert in the country, and for good reason. The amphitheatre is naturally shaped amongst the landscape, making for great acoustics and a remarkable setting. The venue seats over 9,000 and hosts well-known nationally touring acts. Red Rocks is about 15 miles outside of Denver, but it’s easy to get a ride over. Sildigra

1. Take a Marijuana Tour

Take a Marijuana Tour
Source: Travel Pulse

Colorado is really the only state that allows for extensive marijuana tours, with different providers to choose from offering different tour advantages. Take advantage of this while you’re in Denver: visit a cannabis bakery, learn to make your own, see a marijuana grow for yourself, and visit some recreational stores on the way. Check out some of the best cannabis tours Denver has to offer.