25 YouTube Videos to Watch While High

25 YouTube Videos to Watch While High

Pity the poor cannabis users of yesteryear: after enjoying some marijuana and deciding to take it easy, they had to flip channels and watch the Home Shopping Network or I Love Lucy reruns (though there’s nothing wrong with that).

Today, pot heads have it so easy. YouTube offers an endless barrage of material to enjoy on marijuana, with millions of videos available just one click away.

But why wade through dozens of duds to get to the good stuff? After some serious research, we’ve deemed the following 25 videos to be Two Ten Twice-recommended viewing while high. These videos may be awe-inspiring, irreverent, hilarious, or just plain weird, but we guarantee all are worth watching in an elevated state.

Here, in no particular order, are 25 YouTube videos to watch while high. Share your favorites in the comments.

1. Two Million Particles at 25fps on an iPad

Ever spent surprising/hilarious amounts of time in front of your laptop watching a visualizer? This ones blows them all away.

2. Play Haley Off, Keyboard Cat

Shocking, inappropriate, and gut-busting – that is the greatness of Keyboard Cat. After watching this personal favorite, take a trip down the Keyboard Cat k-hole – if you dare.

3. Family Feud – Steve Harvey Compilation

People say stupid stuff on Family Feud, and thank goodness for it – otherwise we wouldn’t get these reactions from host Steve Harvey. Nizagara http://valleyofthesunpharmacy.com/nizagara/

4. Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – Star Stuff

Carl Sagan’s videos on the universe have long been stoner favorites. This particular clip discusses how human beings – yes, us – evolved from “Star Stuff.”

5. Captivating Cardistry Wizards – Singapore

People doing insane tricks with playing cards (and not magic tricks – this is all skills). The soundtrack is dope too.

6. A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown on Sex, Drugs, & the Music Industry

Two very famous, very funny, and very stoned rappers talk shop on camera as they lounge poolside. Best of all, there’s four more of these if you’re so inclined.

7. This Aerobic Video Wins Everything

The ‘80s really were the best.

8. 4 Minute Hip Hop History Beat Box

Crazy beatbox by EKLIPS spanning hip hop’s history – all done in one take.

9. Filipino Prisoners Do “Thriller”

The title says it all – surreal footage of inmates in the Philippines dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Generic Cialis http://kendallpharmacy.com/cialis.html

10. 6 Go Pros Filming the Same Footage

A guy in Poland filmed with 6 Go Pro cameras and stitched the footage together. The result is like a live-action kaleidoscope.

11. Prometheus Garden – full claymation movie

Seriously impressive, seriously weird claymation movie from 1988. The full movie (embedded here) is 28 minutes long.

12. LEGO Stoned Olympics

Comedian Eddie Izzard thinks we should have a stoned olympics – see his monologue brought to life with LEGOs.

13. Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight

Brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor had a stroke – and her retelling of it is one of the most inspiring, powerful TED Talks ever recorded.

14. True Facts About the Tarsier

This bugged-eyed little lemur gets the True Facts treatment. Equal parts nature show and comedic roast.

15. Guy Puts Pants on with No Hands

Something for us all to aspire to, all done to “the Final Countdown.”

16. Simple Food Hacks

You’ve gone through 15 videos already – time for a snack. Try these easy food hacks to make something delicious and easy – you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t thought of them already.

17. Fireworks Filmed with a Drone

Someone flew a drone into a fireworks display. The results are amazing.

18. Seth Rogen, Snoop, Cross Joints & Chronic

Two of our top celebrity pot heads link up to hang out, talk, and toke.

19. Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics

Smarter Every Day explores why cats always land on their feet. Watching the cats in slow motion is the highlight of the video – but you might learn something too.

20. Beavis and Butt-head Freakin’ Out in the Desert

Watch this truly trippy segment from Beavis and Butt-head Do America.

21. The Creation

Very cool animated short that represents the creative process and what artists go through to make art.

22. Koala Fight

The name says it all.

23. cows & cows & cows

“Surreal bovine choreography” reads the description, which sounds about right.

24. Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time

Giggles abound as grannies try ganja for their first times ever. Cards Against Humanity is proven to be endless fun for any generation.


He-Man becomes a lot less He-Man-ish in this hilarious mash-up of the classic cartoon hero with some of the least masculine music ever.