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Top 10 Places to Eat While High in Anchorage

Top 10 Places to Eat While High in Anchorage

Anchorage, Alaska is an urban oasis within the Last Frontier, home to nearly half the state’s residents and an outpost for quality cooked meals in the tundra. Alaska doesn’t have the reputation for being buttoned-up and pricey, but Anchorage has its fair share of high-end steak and seafood places that have earned themselves a place on the international culinary map.

That said, Anchorage still has its fair share of more casual, budget-friendly places that don’t slouch on the taste and might be more appetizing to those enjoying Alaska’s newest attraction: legalized marijuana. Enjoy Anchorage’s diverse food scene while elevated by following our recommendations for the Top 10 Places to Eat While High in Anchorage, Alaska.

10. Yak and Yeti

Yak and Yeti
Source: Yelp

A cold winter’s day with the wind blowing might make you feel like you’re close to the summit of Mt. Everest. So it makes sense that one of Anchorage’s best dining spots is Yak and Yeti, a Himalayan restaurant featuring dishes from India, Nepal, and Tibet. It’s also one of the city’s best bets for vegetarians. Stop by the restaurant on Spenard Road for the usual restaurant experience, or head to their cafe and bakery on West Northern Lights: there, you can order rice bowls at the counter and peruse sweets before heading next door to Title Wave Books, one of the best things to do in Anchorage while high.

9. Lucky Wishbone

Lucky Wishbone
Source: The Lucky Wishbone’s Facebook page

If you’re high, you might need some fried chicken. In Anchorage, this means heading over to the Lucky Wishbone, a diner specializing in down-home cooking. While others swear by the cheeseburgers and milkshakes, it’s the pan-fried chicken (flown in fresh daily) that has made these inauspicious digs an Anchorage institution.

8. Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant

Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant
Source: Gwennie’s

Gwennie’s is a greasy spoon done Alaskan style. Only here can you get a reindeer sausage omelet while in a log cabin-style setting complete with stuffed bears. The atmosphere is the main draw at Gwennie’s, but we shouldn’t sell short the tasty, typical American breakfast and lunch options (eggs and hashbrowns; burgers and fries) that this Anchorage mainstay has to offer.

7. Falafel King

Falafel King
Source: Urbanspoon

Run by Israeli immigrants, Falafel King offers authentic Middle Eastern flavors that would stand out in any city. Falafel, shawarma, and pitas are made in-house in this small restaurant (about 4 tables) that lends itself well to take-out.

6. Snow City Cafe

Snow City Cafe
Source: Snow City Cafe’s Facebook page

Snow City Cafe is most Anchorage residents’ go-to downtown brunch and lunch spot. Most menu items are made from scratch and while you can get the usual bacon & eggs and sandwiches, Snow City has vegan, gluten-free, and healthy options. Regulars swear by the eggs benedict (with canadian bacon) for breakfast and the cowboy meatloaf sandwich at lunch time.

5. Spenard Roadhouse

Spenard Roadhouse
Source: Spenard Roadhouse’s Facebook page

For bar food done gourmet, head to Spenard Roadhouse (owned by the same folks as Snow City Cafe). Pizza, burgers, sandwiches, nachos, and other pub staples are on the menu, as are the super tots – tater tots buried in nacho toppings, a new candidate in the competition for best high food ever. Spenard Roadhouse is also a great place to start sampling Alaska’s local craft brews.

4. Middle Way Cafe

Middle Way Cafe
Source: Middle Way Cafe’s Facebook page

Anchorage has its fair share of greasy spoons, with Middle Way Cafe serving as the light on the other side for the health conscious, or those just looking for something “Unconventional since 1994.” Serving organic and locally sourced food, Middle Way has top-notch smoothies and creative breakfast and lunch offerings.

3. M.A.’s Gourmet Dogs

M.A.’s Gourmet Dogs
Source: Yelp

Famous for their reindeer dogs, M.A.’s is on many a traveler’s itinerary and is a frequent stop by locals for a quick bite. Parked by the courthouse on 4th Avenue, the reindeer dog is worth the hype but what really makes these dogs stand out are the toppings: the cart takes great pride in making tasty toppings like the Coca Cola caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms, and serves all orders with a healthy side of sass.

2. Humpy’s Great Alaskan Ale House

Humpy’s Great Alaskan Ale House
Source: Humpy’s Facebook page

Humpy’s is a preferred local haunt in downtown, usually loud, with lots of laughs, and live music at nights. The pub food is top notch, and you can definitely get carried away here – like with Alaskan king crab dinners and a wide selection of surf and turf – but the burgers, halibut tacos, and reindeer burger are all good calls while playing some pool or listening to a live band.

1. Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria

Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria
Source: Yelp

You’ll find the undisputed best pizza in town at Moose’s Tooth, a huge pub and pizzeria that stays busy every night of the week. They’ve got a pretty crazy assortment of pies, such as a the smoked salmon pizza, Greek Gyro, and Shrimp Fiesta (??) alongside the usual standbys. This place is so popular that they sell unbaked dough and sauce to go. Waits can be brutal so make a reservation or be prepared to wait it out at the bar. If there’s any restaurant that’s a must-stop in Anchorage, Moose’s Tooth is it.