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Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana


Is marijuana legal in the United States?
Wait, but isn’t marijuana illegal on a federal level?
What does the federal government think about states legalizing marijuana?
Where can I legally buy marijuana in the US?
How old do I have to be to buy marijuana?
Can I grow my own marijuana for personal use?
Decriminalization, legalization, medicinal use... what let’s me do what?
Are people still getting arrested over marijuana?
What’s wrong with medical marijuana? Why is the federal government still against it?
Does the government do research on marijuana?
Does legalizing marijuana have any effect on crime?
Does legal, taxed marijuana generate money for the states in which it’s legal?
Where does the tax money go?
Does marijuana cultivation affect the environment?
How can I stay up-to-date on marijuana laws in my city and/or state?

Buying Marijuana

What forms of marijuana are available?
How much does marijuana cost?
How much marijuana can I buy at one time?
How much should I buy?
How do stores and dispensaries measure marijuana for sale?
How do I find stores and dispensaries near me?
Can I go into a medical dispensary and buy marijuana?
I don’t feel like leaving my house... can I have marijuana delivered?
Indica and Sativa - what’s that, and how are they different?
What’s the difference between marijuana strains?

Consuming Marijuana

I bought marijuana... now what?
What will consuming marijuana do to me?
How do you smoke marijuana?
Where can I smoke marijuana?
Does marijuana ever go bad?
How should I store my marijuana?
Can you eat marijuana?
Can you cook with marijuana?
Can you buy edibles in stores?
What’s this dabbing thing I’ve heard about?
K2/Spice - what’s that? Isn’t it bad for you?
My bong looks gross. How do I clean pipes, bongs, and other glassware?

Health and Effects

Is marijuana safe?
How long after using marijuana does it stay in your system?
Can I get addicted to marijuana?
Will I get withdrawal symptoms if I stop using marijuana?
Can you overdose on marijuana?
Does marijuana use cause cancer?
Can I die from using marijuana?
Will marijuana cause fertility problems?
I’m pregnant - what affect will using marijuana have on my pregnancy and on my baby?
Is it true that marijuana today is more potent and more dangerous than my parents’ weed?
Does marijuana have health benefits?
What conditions can marijuana use help with?
How many people use marijuana in the United States?