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It’s All Going to Pot:  Willie Nelson’s Foray into Branded Marijuana

It’s All Going to Pot: Willie Nelson’s Foray into Branded Marijuana

Willie’s Reserve will be the name of the country star and pot activist’s new brand of recreational and medical marijuana. Much like an aged fine red, or vintage white, Willie’s weed is touted as being top notch. Partnering with some of the best master growers in the US and, of course, Nelson himself being a chief sommelier in the cannabis world, Willie hopes to deliver a clean, quality, and consistent product.


Nelson isn’t the first celebrity to help seed the rapidly growing industry. Snoop Dogg’s weed delivery service, Eaze, aims to deliver cannabis to your doorstep in less than 10 minutes.



As one the most outspoken and famed pro-cannabis activists in the movement, Willie Nelson hopes to incorporate his views on legalization into his business venture. From the original Willie’s Reserve press release:


“Building on Willie’s community of friends and experts who share his values, Willie’s Reserve will seek ways to further support and celebrate aspects of the singer-songwriter’s journey with cannabis. Willie and his family, and a few close friends developed the brand with emphasis on environmental and social issues, to lend support to the gradual end to marijuana prohibition across America.”


As the founder of the ever-growing Teapot movement – after his 2010 possession arrest in Texas – Nelson’s potential influence on marijuana legislation is expanding.


Collaboration with the best growers in Washington and Colorado is key to the success and differentiation of Willie’s Reserve from other brands.


“I will make sure it’s good or it won’t be on sale,” the singer said in a recent interview for Rolling Stone. “There should be a menu just like in a restaurant because there’s so many different kinds of pot that do many different things. It’s a good idea to have everything labeled for what it does, what it don’t do [and] how powerful it is,” he added.




Willie’s Reserve will also employ an environmentally smart and sustainable model, as minimizing our carbon footprint is another passion the country singer takes a strong stance on. Nelson also plans to take an “anti-Walmart” stance with his new venture, with the intention of helping expand the market for smaller growers and brands that share his views – bolstering the notion that the cannabis industry is beginning to mature.


When he spoke with ABC affiliate station KSAT TV in South Texas, Nelson predicted that in less than a decade, the US would see full legalization.


“The bottom line is money, and once those old guys see how much money is being made in Colorado and Washington — all the places that it is legal — they’ll say, ‘Hey, wait a minute. We may want to think about it,'” Nelson said, referring to lawmakers who are opposed to the legalization of marijuana.


However, at the end of the day for Willie, profit isn’t actually his main concern. Instead, social awareness and acceptance are his bottom line.


Willie’s Reserve is set to debut in Colorado this September.