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Charlotte’s Web: The Plant with the Power of Healing

Charlotte’s Web: The Plant with the Power of Healing

The name might sound familiar – this mighty plant has little to do with the children’s book we all know and love. This Sativa strain, could have garnered the name of the popular book from the densely crystal packed resin glands that spread over the buds and make it seem as though a web was carefully crafted over them. Coupled with a strong pine scent – it’s almost an immediately identifiable favorite among many patients. Charlotte’s Web has gained popularity among fans and criticism among opponents of medical cannabis – partly in due to its effective nature, that many opponents claim is unproven, in treating many medical problems that are often debilitating enough to drastically alter daily life for the afflicted individual. Although the positive effects are become more widespread and documented – many professionals still cling to often ineffective pharmaceuticals, simple because they continue to believe the use of cannabis to be taboo.


The name may seem to be ill fitting, as it shares its moniker with a children’s book – although, upon closer inspection, it may be a more suitable name than one may at first have thought. Considering all the benefits this plant can posses for patients, even children – that suffer from a multitude of ailments – that have until now, been woefully under controlled by a mirage of medications that have the capacity to create more problems than they are able to solve.
The medical force of this plant is owed to its lofty-CBD (Cannabidiol) content; which was expressly cultivated by breeders for its effectiveness to fight seizures, without causing the patient to feel “stoned”.

Charlottes Web’s role as a medical strain has been proven to provide relief to patients who suffer from conditions ranging from seizures, pain and muscle spasms that are associated with multiple sclerosis as well as anxiety and mood disorders.


Side Effects:
The side-effects of this particular strain are somewhat slight; mild dizziness and overall euphoric feelings and increased focus are the most pronounced. Side effects may include cotton mouth and dry eyes.Side effects of cannabis, particularly Charlotte’s Web, are slight in comparison to their pharmaceutical counterparts.


Rise to Fame:


The plant owes its fame to the young girl for which it was crafted; Charlotte, who suffered from epilepsy since the age of 3 months, she was gripped by seizures that could last hours at a time. The seizures increased in frequency, sometimes exceeding more than 300 grand mal seizures a week – eventually the doctors concluded that her symptoms could not be medically controlled – although they continued to try.

Eventually the child began to deteriorate – as the medication and seizures took their toll on her fragile body. Her parents – who had previously been against the legalization of medical marijuana – were quickly running out of options to treat their child. Her father found evidence online of a similar case that had been treated with the use of cannabis, with astounding results.

Charlotte was 5 when the doctors informed her parents that there was nothing more they could do for their daughter – they had all but accepted her fate – she would eventually die during one of her many episodes.
As a last ditch attempt –they decided to try medical marijuana and were tasked with finding two doctors to agree treat their child, having been the youngest patient in state history to have applied.

Eventually they found kind doctors – who could see beyond the stigma and realize that the benefits outweighed the risk and gave them the green light.
Almost immediately after administering the extracted oils to the child – her seizures began to lull, another one didn’t happen for seven days after that, it was unheard of – it was a miracle. A plant that has been considered taboo for so long – is the only thing that has been able to save this child and many others – from a lifetime of ineffective medications.


The Creators:

Stanley Brothers


The Stanley Brothers, one of Colorado’s most widespread owners of cannabis grows and dispensaries – had crafted a strain that was high in CBD and low in THC – exactly what Charlotte needed. While they had not initially had any interest in the product; there was still some trepidation due to Charlotte’s young age although since agreeing to help one child in need – an avalanche of good has come of it for many and today provide low cost medical marijuana to a number of suffering patients.


The Result:
Cannabis is a safe and effective alternative to treat many ailments – due to its gentle nature – it’s an ideal treatment for young children. See for yourself the amazing story: